Tree Condition Survey

Tree Condition Survey

'Existing trees are an important factor on construction sites, whether on or near the working areas, and trees are a material consideration in the UK planning system'.

A tree survey is a system of inspection and it …

‘… should be able to demonstrate responsible proactive management where the selection of approved suppliers is defined, the recommended actions are acted upon, the trail is auditable and the whole programme is systematic, so as to be able to demonstrate that the client dispensed his or her duty with reasonable care’ David Dowson of Tree Life Training

‘Informality has the obvious disadvantage that it makes it more difficult for the estate to resist claims based on an inadequate system of inspection’ Judge Iain Hughes, Atkins v Scott 2008

‘Safety is but one of many goals to which we aspire; the mistake that is often made is to focus on safety as if it is the only goal’ Professor David Ball of the Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management at Middlesex University

Tree Condition Surveys

A tree condition survey does what it says on the tin; it is an assessment of the condition of your tree/s. Whether you own a single tree, manage thousands of trees, whether you are a country landowner or an agent for multiple sites, we can help.

Types of Condition Survey

There are two types of tree condition survey, namely:

Comprehensive – all the trees within the agreed remit are visually inspected and individually recorded. The comprehensive survey is ideal for housing associations, local authorities and other bodies who are publically accountable.

Actionable Defect – this is also a visual inspection of all the trees within the agreed remit but the report only records those trees which exhibit an actionable defect. An actionable defect is one which, in the opinion of the surveyor, requires remedial work to be carried out in order to reduce the risk of failure to an acceptable level. The actionable defect survey is ideal for individuals, agents, and managers of privately owned trees.

Survey Costs

There are two separate costs associated with the tree condition survey, namely:

  • the cost of the survey itself, and
  • the cost of the remedial works identified by the surveyor.

The competence and independence of the surveyor is always the key to a desirable and successful survey outcome.

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