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Through our landscape architecture services we help to assess, plan and create the perfect design solution for your external space. We provide a comprehensive range of landscape services designed to meet the needs of planning and implementing new residential development, from a single dwelling up to 500 homes.

‘No seat should be without a view and no view should be without a seat’.

There are seven key design principles which must be applied to achieve a landscape that both looks great and equally important, works well; to achieve both form and function. From site appraisal to outline and detailed plans, through tender, completion and aftercare, we are here to help.

Detailed Planting Plan

A plan that shows the location, quantity, size, spacing and other characteristics of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to be included within the landscape design. It is clearly presented, easy to read and easy to understand.

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Site Layout Plan

A plan that shows the detailed layout of all the proposed landscape works and includes:

  • existing and proposed site levels
  • the position and treatment of existing and proposed hard surfaced areas e.g. parking spaces, turning areas, paths, patios etc.
  • the height, position and treatment of existing and proposed boundary’s e.g. fences, hedges and walls,
  • the position and treatment of all soft landscaped areas e.g. borders, turf,
  • the details of existing and proposed trees, e.g. position, spread and species.

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Landscape Construction Plans

A set of plans that show all the detail necessary to construct, but not limited to, any of the following;

  • fences, gates, rails and walls,
  • surfaces (soft, hard, step, ramps, drainage falls)
  • play equipment,
  • seating, litter bins, bollards, cycle parking, lighting,
  • services (above and below ground, existing and proposed), routing (depth, height, type, markers) as appropriate, and
  • sculpture.

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Management Plan

A plan that details the ongoing maintenance and management of the landscape scheme; it is essential to ensure the long term contribution of the scheme to the local area and the wider environment and may include;

  • design concept and objectives,
  • provision for long term management,
  • maintenance regime (frequency and type of operation for grass, ornamental and native planting woodland, water areas etc.), and
  • identify management agency.

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Planting Notes

Notes that detail any or all of the following as appropriate;

  • topsoil/planting medium (depth and specification and finished level adjacent hard surfaces etc.),
  • planting specification including site preparation, water points/irrigation and plant establishment,
  • maintenance, mulch (depth and specification) and supports for trees/shrubs/climbers
  • doors, windows fronting onto shrub beds, cellars, overhanging eaves, balconies and fire escapes and relationships to external routes,
  • protection of existing and proposed planting (temporary/permanent – to new and existing features or planting),
  • grass/seeded areas (mowing edges, seed mixes),
  • remedial surgery (to existing trees, hedges, shrubs),
  • protection of existing and proposed planting (temporary/permanent – to new and existing features or planting), and
  • as required, provide evidence to show imported subsoil/topsoil is free from contamination (including from pernicious weeds).


Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) are a collection of water management practices that aim to align modern drainage systems with natural water processes.


Ensuring surface water runoff is managed at source is an important part of SuDS and ACO has a wide range of channels designed to collect and convey water close to the surface efficiently. Consideration of ground conditions, catchment design, rainfall intensity, downstream hydraulic conditions, loading and visual setting are key to correct product selection.


Protecting the environment from surface water run-off contaminated with hydrocarbons and particulates is a critical process within modern integrated surface water management. Stormwater surges that dislodge and carry high concentrations of pollutants from exposed areas such as car parks must be treated prior to its release.


The provision of sufficient attenuation volume within the surface water management system ensure it retains its designed collection and release performance under maximum rainfall conditions. High capacity drainage channels and attenuation tanks, such as ACO StormBrixx’s flexible geocellular range, ensure it can be used to achieve the required safe storage capacity.


Flood risk management requires the accurate control of surface water run-off volumes entering either the mains drainage network or the local natural groundwater or surface
water courses. Individually sized flow control devices or infiltration systems can be used to meet any specified discharge rate.

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