Site Supervision

Arboricultural planning conditions can only be effectively discharged with site supervision by an arboricultural consultant. The project management team must, therefore, instruct an arboricultural consultant to undertake the required supervision.

This must be confirmed in writing and circulated to all interested parties to establish an auditable system of supervision and enable planning conditions to be discharged.

The project arboriculturist will or may be required to supervise the following activities depending on the requirements of a specific site:

  • site access, movement and parking of construction traffic
  • location of construction yard and storage areas
  • location and installation of barriers, ground protection and signage
  • recommended tree works
  • maintenance of barriers, ground protection and signage
  • changes in soil levels within any RPAs
  • excavation within any RPAs
  • compaction within any RPAs
  • installation or removal of hard surfaces within RPAs
  • soft landscaping within RPAs
  • work within areas of designated structural landscaping
  • inspection of retained trees and
  • inspection of new trees

Depending on the requirements of the site, the project arboriculturist will or may be required to supervise certain activities, e.g. works affecting RPAs, inspection of retained/new trees, recommended tree works, ground protection and signage issues.

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