Tree Constraints Plan (TCP)

Constraints placed on any proposed development need to be identified.

A Tree Constraints Plan (TCP) shows the below-ground constraints represented by the Root Protection Areas (RPAs) and any above-ground constraints which might arise from the following:

  • The current and ultimate height and spread of the tree; and
  • Species characteristics, including evergreen or deciduous, density of foliage, and factors such as susceptibility to honeydew drip, branch drop, fruit fall, etc.

Below-ground Constraints

In order to avoid damage to the roots or rooting environment of retained trees, our consultants will plot the RPA around category A and B trees as necessary to illustrate potential constraints to the proposed development.

The RPA for each tree will initially be plotted as a circle with the tree stem at the centre. Where pre-existing site conditions or other factors indicate that rooting has occurred asymmetrically, a polygon of equivalent area will be plotted.

Above-ground Constraints

Our TCP will indicate the potential direct obstruction of sunlight by the trees on the site. The current and ultimate height and spread of the tree and species characteristics can significantly affect potential land use or living conditions, including the effect of the tree on daylight and sunlight. Whilst either shade or sunlight might be desirable, depending on the potential use of the area affected, the design should avoid unreasonable obstruction of sunlight.

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